Board of Directors


Governance Administration and Management
 – Recruits new members accord to Bylaws  – Implements Board approved programs
 – Provides training to Board Members  – Carries out day to day operations
 – Maintains minutes of Board Meetings
 – Enforces by-laws
 – Looks after fiduciary responsibilities
 – Approves all program ideas
Makes overriding policies in areas of organization, programs, finances, personnel Implements approved policies and report violations to the board.
Ensures the Club is properly run and proper procedures are followed.

Compiles information and reports to the board regularly.


Alerts the board if unethical or illegal issues arise.

Develops and approves goals and plans. Works with board to develop goals and plans.
Recruits, hires and evaluates Management Hires and evaluates personnel
Represents Golf Club in the community Assists board with community relations

Basic Responsibilities of the Board

  1. To direct the golf club on behalf of the members, who collectively are responsible to the Town for the obligations under the lease, in accordance with the stated Constitution and By-laws.
  2. To facilitate the maintenance and improvements of the golf course in accordance with the lease with the Town of Qualicum Beach.
  3. To ensure there is a competent manager in place to properly operate the Golf Club and aid in its ability to fulfill its obligations to the leasor. Also, to ensure there is a draft plan in place for the continued management of the Club beyond the current contract period.
  4. To establish the rules by which board members, staff and volunteers will conduct the business of the golf club.
  5. To develop short and long range goals and objectives and to approve the programs that meet those objectives
  6. To ensure that policies and procedures are in place that will promote ongoing review and evaluation of policy development, program effectiveness, board, contractor and staff performance, membership trends and needs, etc.
  7. To build and maintain a positive relationship with the Town of Qualicum Beach and the neighbors of the golf course.
  8. To represent and advocate for the golf club in the community
  9. To ensure that there is provision for timely succession to the Board
  10. To conduct interactive meetings with members for evaluation on the performance of the Board and the general progress of the Club